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2020 Cybersecurity Trends: From Awareness to Action

Cyberattacks are the looming threat over all the enterprises & business applications. Experts globally have panelled to discuss emerging risks and key cybersecurity trends that are highly important and need immediate attention. These include attacks on smart supply chains, threats to medical equipment and vulnerabilities in real-time operating systems.

Industry leaders are observing cybercrime as an increasingly affecting personal security threat and hence the stability of society as a whole is in question now. On the other hand, digital systems are discovering new ways to conquer our everyday lives. Though the advantages in digitalization are high, it is also highly important to secure the data & systems from unknown, malicious cyber-attacks.

Managing the risk is the first step for secure & healthy networks & systems. Executing industry best practices for network security while simultaneously ideating & forming effective solutions for the emerging threats that COVID-19 brings is what Industries must do now. In this digital era, there is a high need for stringent security principles & policies. Here are the 4 simple steps organizations can take to bolster their network security.

Robust to the Core:

This is the right time for organizations to look within & make effective changes before the strike happens. The procedure calls for getting your fundamentals right like security training, patch management, password handling, and off-line back-ups. These are a few measures all organizations must take to reduce exposure.

IT departments today are stretched & scattered due to COVID – 19. Their task is to provide continuous supply & monitoring of enabled remote access to hundreds or thousands of employees or extending network infrastructure to accommodate student learning or pop-up care facilities depending on the business requirements. In executing such a process, there is a high chance for the basics to fall by the wayside.

Given the advancing number of cyber-attacks, organizations need to escalate education and phishing awareness campaigns to ensure that patches and security updates are performed immediately. Organizations as Zoom are approaching the latest vulnerabilities as they arise & are introducing patches.

Introducing Robust Security Practices:

No one security practice gives you the best network security. Organizations need to execute the right network security practices appropriate for their business model. And those may include

  1. Policy-based access control,
  2. Network segmentation,
  3. Regulatory compliance,
  4. IoT security, and more.

A highly critical situation as this calls for special attention in areas such as remote access, IoT, network access control and user privacy. For example, in remote work, employees use personal devices to connect to their corporate network & their devices might lack the security needed. Also, users turning to cloud-services and bypassing corporate VPNs is another huge risk. Amid this crisis, Organizations need to escalate endpoint inspection, traffic inspection, segmentation, remediation/isolation, and data privacy.

Leverage Industry Resources:

Apart from traditional cyber-security industry resources like CI Security Controls, Mitre Attack, the Cloud Security Alliance, industry giants have introduced COVID-19 specific resources for businesses as CISA Covid-19 resources, World Economic Forum blogs, and the Federal Trade Commission Coronavirus resources. These resources assist organizations in keeping their core secure from emerging malicious attacks. Also, they discuss leading trends to follow along with strategies & solutions to steer clear in the crisis journey.

Continuous Vigilance:

Businesses must operate with added alertness & take necessary steps to strengthen their systems immediately. The time calls for high alert & immediate attention to problems threatening industrial security. Early discovery and invasion are the keys to approach security issues that help prevent propagation & further damage.


To help businesses stay secure & forge ahead in the busiest market place, service providers are increasingly adopting latest technologies & trends into their businesses. CQ Infotech is a Managed IT Security Services Provider which helps the industries establish and execute a perfect security plan for their company. Our experts provide custom solutions covering the entire security lifecycle. Be it a complete new security, risk management, compliance system or if you are struggling with your existing systems in areas of policy, procedures, identity and access management, general infrastructure security, cyber-attack protection or other issues, CQ Infotech offers you the right solutions for all emerging risks & challenges.

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