2021 Women’s History Month: A Long Journey Travelled So Far, Still to Go Ahead

40% of US businesses are owned by women.

There’s been a 24% increase in the representation of women in the C-Suite over the past five years.

187 million women worldwide are starting or running a business enterprise.

In a study of GitHub users, code written by women was accepted 78.6% of the time — 4% more than code written by men.

The month of March every year is an ode to the women around us and a celebration of their contribution to culture, history, technology, science, and society. The United Nations has sponsored International Women’s Day since 1975 and it has continued since then. The collaboration of women in IT has caused unprecedented growth for business solutions.

In the past also, women have crossed numerous barriers to break the ceiling of gender discrimination to leave their mark. With higher gender diversity and modern thoughts being inculcated in the workforce, the future looks bright.

The list below highlights women who have pursued their goals and become role models in this challenging world.

Mitze Amoroso, Senior Vice President/Chief Information Officer, ArchCare

She is an innovator, an entrepreneur, and a disruptor known for her amazing combination of business & technology. Being the CIO, Mitze has boosted productivity and solidify the company’s position by revamping internal controls, implementing machine learning technologies, and reduce organizational risks to a great extent.

Holding a Master of Arts in Education from the University of Phoenix, and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting from Hofstra University, she is extremely involved in the STEM program.

Kamelia Aryafar, Chief Algorithms and Analytics Officer, Google

Aryafar has a Ph.D. and M.Sc. in computer science & machine learning from Drexel University. With deep expertise in AI/ML, she has focussed hugely on Google Cloud AI industry solutions. She has integrated machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms in the most relevant manner to offer products and solutions to meet customer needs.

She is a regular speaker at lectures and conferences on topics such as women in technology, AI/ML, and advanced technologies related to it.

Aarti Ramakrishnan, Co-founder & Chief of Operations, Crayon Data

Crayon Data is a Singapore-based, big data and Artificial Intelligence company that focuses on digital personalization. Crayon’s is an AI-platform that offers individual choice and has true, personal conversations with extreme privacy.

It has also been recognized as one of the most innovative big data and AI start-ups by global platforms such as Gartner, TIEcon, CEBIT, IBM Watson, and OrangeFab. She has always been an explorer and takes up challenges. She has always taken inspiration from women mentors and nurtured growth environments.

Aigul Tokayeva, CEO, Hi-Tech Intelligent Services LLC

Hi-Tech Intelligent Services LLC provides IT, cybersecurity services, and business consulting along with a full range of ERP &EPM implementation services. These services are helpful for businesses and data transformation.

With an undergraduate degree in Chemistry and Ecology from Eurasian National University and MBA from Thomas Jefferson University, USA, she has more than 13 years of managerial experience to offer.

Aigul has always been an inspiration to her fellow employees and regards them as valuable assets to the company.

Albane Bruyas, COO, Scaleway

Scaleway has been Europe’s second-leading cloud services provider that offers cost-effective, flexible, reliable, and secure services. She handles global operations of this fast-expanding company and has lead various CSR projects which are aligned with organizational vision.

Albane has had her experience with numerous inspiring women and practiced excellence along the way. She believes that it is up to everyone to ensure that economy is fair to women, young people are given a fair chance and technology provides opportunities to all. She is an inspiring leader and believes, everyone has unique qualities.


The following women entrepreneurs and their achievements provide only a glimpse into the vastness of the inclusion of women in tech. CQ Infotech supports women in tech & respects the efforts they take in climbing up the ladder of success.Recognition and motivation of women are two of the driving factors essential for any organization. Being in the industry for the last 14 years, we strive to provide client expectations and transform business operations.

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