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5 IT Security challenges to focus on during Covid-19

A rapid surge in the amount of data exchange has been observed online ever since the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations are increasingly facing security breaches and thus are employing effective strategies and security teams to remain vigilant and focus on pain areas. Leading digital giants are inciting continuous conversations about anti-trust legislation and digital privacy.

Despite the remarkable value established by these entities, we can notice digital giants such as Yahoo, Facebook etc. are also vulnerable to the data breach epidemic.

Recent incidents have driven a negative impact due to cyber risk exposure and data breaches & are affecting businesses globally in a variety of ways.

Risks in Data Breach:

  • Hard to track.
  • Resolutions are expensive.
  • Can cause severe damage to business reputation.

However, amid a crucial situation as this, what companies can do to mitigate the effects of a breach is to implement a thorough risk management practice for the detection, containment and communication in the wake of a data breach.

Executing effective incident response plans and protocols:

Now that the security experts are operating in diverse conditions and mindsets, the existing incident response plans & protocols might become antiquated or need to be adjusted. Incidents that were once considered normal and easily managed can bring in high threat if not addressed effectively.

Organizations must carefully review all documentation and conduct a walkthrough for any challenging areas. If the organization does not already have an effective cybersecurity incident response capability, it must immediately consider approaching a managed security service provider for better security rather than trying to build up a new system.

Protected remote access capacities & endpoints:

With remote work becoming a crucial part of the workflow strategy, security experts would have missed performing basic endpoint hygiene and connectivity performance checks on corporate systems. Further employees working from home on their devices complicate the situation even more. Even though corporate laptops have the minimum viable endpoint protection configurations for off-LAN activity, security and risk teams must be extra cautious with access to corporate applications that store mission-critical or confidential data from personally owned devices.

On a strategic level, ensuring someone from the security team be a part of the crisis management to guide on security concerns and business-risk advice is the best solution.

Enlighten remote workers to remain vigilant on socially directed attacks:

Employees working from home have more distractions now than usual. Also, as they will be operating from a different environment, they might not be as vigilant or warned against security threats during this time. In this scenario, senior-level management must alert employees regarding target phishing attacks and encourage them to stay hyper vigilant to suspicious activities & must make sure they escalate any such threats to management immediately.

Ensure high-security monitoring with visibility on operations:

The gap between workforce and security management teams during remote work can result in cybersecurity teams to miss events. To stay highly secure, Organizations must

  • Ensure maximum visibility through monitoring tools and capacities.
  • See that internal security monitoring capacities and logs management have full visibility.
  • Approach a managed security service provider whose work strategy matches the new operating landscape.

Consult security service providers to assess impacts on the security supply chain:

Alerting your employees and securing your systems is good, but organizations must also keep an active eye on partners and their supply chain activities when it comes to security. The following actions must be taken to ensure maximum security for your Organization.

  • Learn how they can secure the data collected from the business.
  • Enquire on their third-party organizations who guarantee but fail to deliver on promised security services.


In a time, full of challenges, if an organization doesn’t have a robust security system and an expert team to identify emerging cyber threats, immediately employing an efficient IT Security Service Provider is the most viable solution. CQ Infotech offers exemplary IT Security Services to help you establish and execute a security plan that fits your company. Our team of experts provide custom-tailored solutions that cover the entire security lifecycle. Be it a complete new security, risk management, compliance system or if you are struggling with your existing systems in areas of policy, procedures, identity and access management, general infrastructure security, cyber-attack protection or other issues, CQ Infotech has certified security experts for all emerging risks & challenges.

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