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5 Reasons Outsourcing Security Services Is Beneficial To Organizations

According to a report by the University of Maryland, Hackers attack every 39 seconds, on average 2,244 times a day.

Modern businesses face cybersecurity threats that are sophisticated and infiltrate the company’s network to gain unauthorized access, hamper operations, and misuse sensitive data. Attackers are leveraging technology to create methods that make it difficult to trace them, and then they launch Phishing, DDOS, Malware, launch virus, worms, etc., and other types of attacks to weaken the network and break-in.

Having an in-house security team is not possible for every organization as it becomes a costly affair. Also, they are unaware of the latest technologies and lack the expertise needed. Thus, outsourcing security services bring great advantages to the organization.

Asset Protection Round The Clock

Attackers may disrupt your work at any moment and take advantage whenever the network is exposed to threats. They look for times when the network security is down, and if valuable assets are exposed to them during such times, you may not be able to protect your organization. Whereas, employing security experts round the clock, helps you have a hawk’s eye view of the real-time situation, and in case of discrepancies, it can be addressed at the right time.

Cost Reduction with Expert Services

Employing a team of in-house security experts may seem beneficial, but mostly, it proves to be a huge liability with its cost factor. The beauty of outsourcing is the cost it saves, and the quality of work is non-questionable. Another minus to an in-house team is the lack of expertise and knowledge.

The in-house team needs to be trained as per the updated and latest technology standards. The outsourced team already has work experience and keeps themselves updated with the latest technologies which help in drastic cost reduction for risk analysis, threat modeling, security applications, appliances, and equipment.

Top-Notch Security Practices

Security Service Specialists have extreme knowledge of cybersecurity know-hows which comes with years of experience, knowledge of tools, best practices to mitigate the vulnerability, etc. With the use of automated tools for assessment and time-to-time scans that look after firewalls, DNS security, password managers, identify and access management (IAM) tools, anti-malware, anti-phishing software, etc., you get regular notifications of any breach that can be remediated and reduce risks.

Best Suited Solutions Customized to Customers

Every client’s requirements are different and so are their solutions. Experts provide adept solutions that align with the changing needs of the business. These solutions are not only customized but also are optimized about how the solution would grow with the developing business.

IT Scalability gets hugely impacted and any upcoming security issues get addressed easily. Developing businesses need technical support and diversified experience assistance in staying responsive and vigilant.

Reduced Burden and Time-Saving

Having an expert IT security team reaps many benefits out of which, reduced burden and focus on business expansion is beneficial. With the time and efforts saved after outsourcing, you can work on marketing plans, research, and make newer developments instead of worrying about security issues.


It is inevitable to have a robust, IT Security infrastructure in place to protect your organization. Many reasons make it difficult to manage a security model due to budget and technical expertise constraints. The ideal option in these situations for any small, medium or large business is switching to outsourced security experts, like at CQ Infotech. With our industry experience and stringent security standards, your IT Security would scale in quality and make its mark among your competitors.

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