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6 Major Benefits of SOC Services

Organizations, small, medium, or enterprise-level are vulnerable to cyber security issues 24*7. Here are some statistics that describe the current situation:

52% of breaches featured hacking, 28% involved malware and 32–33% included phishing or social engineering, respectively- Verizon

68% of business leaders feel their cyber security risks are increasing.

For FY 2021, the U.S. government proposed a 18.78 billion U.S. dollar budget for cyber security- Statista

The above is just a minute glimpse of the hovering security issues facing small to large businesses worldwide. The solution: An industry-level SOC!!

What does SOC offer?

According to Gartner, a Security Operations Center (SOC) is defined as a team, mostly operating in shifts round the clock and a dedicated facility for:

  • Threat detection of any malicious network or system activity
  • Assessment and Prevention against vulnerable threats
  • Awareness of hardware and software assets to know the threat probability which can be developed through it
  • Respond to cyber security threats & incidents, and to fulfill and assess regulatory compliance
  • Deploying security incident response protocols to mitigate the cyber attacks
  • Regular log management for any incident or breach

Thus, SOC experts work together and devise a plan to overcome all the issues, prevent such incidents, and align it with business-specific goals. They put into practice malware reverse engineering, forensic analysis, cryptanalysis, and other methods to raise the wall of defense for the organizations.

What can you do to keep your organization safe always?

  • Work with a trusted SOC expert with industry experience as they would be proficient in resolving any security issue that may come up. At CQI, we have an experience of 14 years with experts working round the clock to keep your systems safe, secure & efficient.
  • SOC experts would also provide you with monitoring tools, timely software patches, and update rollouts.
  • Always employ multi-layered security tools that scan for any intrusions.
  • Educate and train your employees to stay safe from phishing and other intrusions.

The Benefits you get from SOC Experts

Reduced Costs: SOC experts are always updated with the latest industry know-how and technicalities. Along with the knowledge, they have the perfect tools to get your work done with no extra effort.

This might be a little tedious when it comes to your in-house team as they need to be trained and provided the necessary tools, which would require more time and resources.

Continuous Support: An outsourced SOC team would be available to you 24*7*365, be it weekends or holidays. An in-house team has its timings. Adjusting your staff for extra work is a stressful process with the arrangements, but with SOC experts, there are no such issues.

Business Focus: IT Security is one of the most important factors to be taken care of, for organizations and thus it needs a significant amount of time, capital, and focus. With all the regular tasks piling up, it might become difficult for your in-house team to monitor security, and in case of an issue, the focus has to be directed.

With experts handling the SOC, your management and staff can go back to their regular works.


To forge ahead with robust security measures, SOC service providers are adopting the latest technologies and implementing them. CQ Infotech is an expert in creating end-to-end SOC solutions and other IT services that help execute and manage organizations. Allow us to provide you solutions that take care of the entire security lifecycle. Contact us today.

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