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6 Tips to Stay Safe from Meeting Apps weaponized as Malware Threats

With the rampaging COVID-19 pandemic spreading, it has forced everyone to stay indoors and work from home. Cybercriminals have taken advantage of this opportunity and started to distribute malware using popular meeting apps. In 2020, the number of attacks per month was 411,000.

According to Atlas VPN, 80% of email phishing campaigns imitated Microsoft or Zoom to attack victims. Zoom was exploited in 3803 phishing campaigns and constituted 9% of all attempts.

How attackers target?

They lure the victim into downloading an attachment or show ads relevant to the app. They even send phishing emails to the users that seem extremely authentic and somehow make the user install it in the system.

These emails can impersonate anything. It can also have a link, which is asked to download, a google form to be filled, or even a message from a friend.

The threat is not limited to malware alone, Trojans are also a part of it.

Most apps used for such hacking were Zoom(42%), MS Teams, Skype, Webex(22%), HighFive,, Lifesize, Slack(11%), Flock(11%), Gotomeeting(13%) etc.

Webcams are another medium of attack if suitable measures aren’t taken. If it remains on by mistake after you are finished with your meeting, spyware can infiltrate and any hacker can spy through the camera. Cybercriminals may hack your call, commit identity theft/ fraud, or even steal trade secrets from your company.

In such cases, it is advisable to keep your background hidden and not share unnecessary information that may cause issues.

Tips to Stay Safe

  • Always confirm the source of the message and the action mentioned. If the email says that it’s from a friend, confirm personally with your friend for authenticity, or enquire your colleagues if it says to download a google form and fill in details.
  • A huge red flag for phishing websites is the spelling & grammatical mistakes in them. Cybercriminals sometimes don’t pay attention to it or proofread the text. Paying attention to the message and minute details would protect you.
  • Download the meeting software from a legitimate source and get it checked by your IT people, who will check for any discrepancy if any.
  • Attackers target well-known brands and use their popularity and impersonate it. If you get an email regarding irresistible offers that sound too good to be true, double-check it on the website to avoid falling into the trap.
  • A strong and reliable IT security solution from experts is one of the best defenses against threats. With experts like CQ Infotech, your business is safe & secure.
  • Enabling BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy is beneficial in enabling privacy for video calls and keeping the device secure.


In this new normal of remote working, along with our health, we need to take care of our system’s health and privacy to stay safe without landing in some unnecessary trouble. The extent of video meetings and conferences is large and unavoidable, hence we cannot avoid using the apps completely, but take stay extremely cautious. With a partner like CQ Infotech, your IT journey would be hacker-free as we take care of it. Contact us today to get an uninterrupted IT experience with safety.

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