The Issue
Our customer wanted to upload Messages on Hold (MOH) with tones and music to the Avaya IP Office system.

– We interacted with the customer and finalized a maintenance activity schedule.
– Discussed the selection and the type of hold music with the customer, as well as their preference for the source – e.g. custom file, system default, or other music source.
– Our team informed the customer of the service affecting parameters with respect to the system changes, which involved shutting down telephony and voicemail services for a brief 5-10 minutes duration.

The Solution
– Our team took remote control of the system via a screen-share session and configured the IPO for a system-source MOH.
– We downloaded the music file (.wav format) of the customer’s choice and converted the file format as per the Avaya IP Office requirement.
– We programmed the TFTP server as manager and tried to upload the files but it failed after multiple server restart attempts.
– We uploaded the file to a memory card and tested the short code for the hold music but it was found to be not operational.
– We took customer approval to perform multiple restarts for a TFTP file upload.

– As the file transfer over the TFTP server failed, we installed another application – Solar Winds TFTP server – on the customer’s network, for which .net framework installation was an additional per-requisite.
– Once this was done, our team installed the TFTP client application on remote PC and changed the folder path for the file upload.
– The file upload was successful using the Solar Winds TFTP application.

– Our team verified that upload of MOH files was successful.
– We called the customer contact center and tested the hold music on the system by short code.
– Once it was confirmed that the MOH was working, the customer was informed and they approved the case closure.