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Data Center Solutions


Modern business success depends on your IT infrastructure’s ability to manage work assignments and acquire real-time, practical insights from continuous data collection.

CQ Infotech data center solutions are easy, effective, and scalable solutions to create, configure, record, and program your hybrid cloud and network supports. Our tools facilitate the administrators and operators to manage resources that lead to improved interface and service quality, enhanced network and service deployments, and low operational costs.

Key Benefits of Data center:

  • Reduced errors and enhanced performance management can be achieved in design, agreement, services, transformation, power checks, and hassle resolutions.
  • Usage of standard configurations decreases errors and training costs.
  • Our unified solutions lessen SW licenses, recruitment, and training costs.
  • Complete system, integrant, and network visibility.
  • Automated Identification of networks and devices, and provide complete data on the systems and their connectivity.
  • Quick and easy configuration and maintenance of multiple devices. All the changes can be completed in one operation or can be scheduled for multiple operations in custom time frames.
  • Raise alarms to notify key personnel for quick resolution of the existing or upcoming issues through event notification and response framework.
  • Continuous health and performance analysis of your network facilitates better dashboards for the display of noted events, and trends.
  • Monitoring predicaments, automating configurations and enabling easy firmware deployments helps lower TCO and address crucial activities.

CQ Infotech offers well-converged network systems, equipment, and technology solutions for data center partners, buyers, and investors worldwide. As a dedicated business line, we are dedicated to resolving intricate challenges within each stage of the data center lifecycle.




The company has many terabytes of high definition video and data to be catalogued, indexed, stored, searched and streamed daily from users and visitors around the world. The quality and reliability of its millions of site and app searches and streaming sessions is paramount to its success.

CQI Solution

VEOH partnered with CQI to monitor, secure, collocate and manage its Data Centers on an ongoing basis, for worry free reliability and access 24/7/365.