Client Profile
Our client is a leading global outsourcing provider of customer experience management, with 150 offices across 25 countries and more than 75,000 associates speaking 48 languages.

The Issue
– The client was having calls drop at one of their locations, which was handling the calls of a leading e-commerce business.
– The trunk group alarm for the specified location was triggering on a regular period in Nectar

The Process
Our engineers identified alarms related to the specific location which were reoccurring at specific intervals. A tier 1 engineer logged a problem ticket and escalated the situation for further investigation.

The Solution
– A ticket was created in the ITSM tool, and alerts for the customer were monitored.
– The instances of the alarms were analyzed.
– Our engineers performed triage and checked the media gateway status.
– Our team checked the status of the trunk and found it is near the end issue.
– We check it with solution architect and they suggest the onsite tech reset the board.
– We also recommend replacing the DS1 board if the issue still persists.