How 24*7 IT Support Services can provide a strategic advantage for your company? Managed network services provide access everywhere, greater stability and proactive maintenance and support.

With any technology, you may experience unexpected problems caused by hardware failures, connectivity issues, or simply users who need help with access. When problems head up, who do you, contact and will they be available? If you contact your 24*7 IT Support Services provider, will they respond and be able to solve your problem?

Having 24*7 IT Support Services is a great strategy in itself and helps you prepare for the worst. It helps in smooth functioning and growth of your business.


Your company suffers when you do not have a reliable IT support team. CQ Infotech, as your IT support and infrastructure partner, can help your business create an infrastructure plan that reduces technological disruption and downtime. This will help increase productivity among employees.


24*7 IT Support Services is delivered with ticketing and help desk system that is available to you and your company 24*7. This means that a full, authenticated team is there to help you, your company, employees and your customers at any time.


You will save a lot of money by working with a 24*7 IT Support Services provider. Your company can plan to pay for IT services throughout the year and do not worry about any other unplanned expenses.


You get multiple support options to choose from in different moments of need.

Mobile Contact

Your users must have access to this telephone number or they may decide to implement an IT position for centralized call management, and the service point establishes contact with the provider.


Less urgent problems can be solved by e-mail to network support resources or directly to contact managed services.

Online Chat

In many cases, the only option is to answer your phone and contact 24*7 IT Support Services. When this happens, make sure that:

All employees, customers or users who are entitled to make technical assistance calls have an easily accessible number as well as any identification details or credentials required to verify their eligibility for connection.

Your provider has documented service level agreements (SLAs) that define how the calls are handled, the priority and the expected solution time.

There are managed service contracts for service expectations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including whether the call will be sent to a service point that records the event, or whether it will be connected to a technical resource prepared to respond to the problem.

Taking into account the 24*7 IT Support Services requirements, documented and understood by the managed service provider and business partners will provide effective solutions to problems related to network support.


With help of the 24*7 IT Support Services by CQ Infotech, you can enjoy access to business resources from anywhere, at any time, often from any device. This makes your road warriors or remote service teams more efficient and more responsive to other employees and customers.

Your company also benefits from the stability provided by managed services, which often exceeds the level that you can provide internally, without incurring significant costs. In addition to stability and versatility, network support teams monitor reduced performance or problematic issues.

At CQ Infotech, we believe in offering proactive IT services and our primary goal is to often solve problems before there is an impact on your business.