Leadership Team

Anil Ramineni

  • CEO

Anil represents the technical leadership of ALPHA Consult’s consulting practice. He is the resourceful technical leader and solutions-driven strategist with a passion for leveraging emerging technologies to achieve key business objectives

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Ben Sizemore


Ben Sizemore is a successful mortgage technology executive and entrepreneur with proven expertise leveraging new and emerging technologies to increase profits and improve efficiencies for national mortgage companies.

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Moe Rock

  • CMO

One of the primary duties of the Alpha Consult International Affairs Specialist is meeting directly with foreign leaders and representatives. This can include routine meetings to discuss the relationship between the business and the regulations

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Matthew Sacks


Matthew Sacks have over 15 years of experience in information technology and have consulted for top Fortune technology companies. I am a published author with “Pro website development and operations” from Apress. Prior to that I had authored many technical articles on topics such as system

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