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QA Services

Our key focus is improved enriching performance

CQInfotech is a recognized, industry-leading QA services company. Our experience reflects in the depth we bring to every engineering and management project. Quality must be of key focus at every pace of the business process or service involved and it defines the market for a product and its sustainability going forward. Quality tests conducted at every stage of the process assures better product quality, customer satisfaction, and market growth. Continuous service improvement is well maintained by providing checkpoints on all lines of service. To deliver consistent quality involves hard work, attention to detail and systems for monitoring and assessing whether our services meet the set standards. Quality is crucial for satisfying our clients and end-customers to retain their loyalty and confidence. In the long run, quality services contribute to long-term revenue and profitability.

QA key focus areas:
Our ImpAct tool is built on evaluation criteria as QA & Compliance guidelines and scoring pattern.

Compliance Check

  • SLA Adherence Audit
  • Audit of Key Focus Areas*
  • Scores by Yes/No

Voice of Customer

  • Active Listening
  • Clear Communication
  • Call Management
  • Expectation goals

Voice of Business

  • Policy matters
  • Right ticket documentation
  • Customer Verification

QA Evaluation Process:
Our key focus is QA score to better individual and team’s performance & growth. With our ImpAct tool, it becomes easier.

  • Standards designed to improve the customer’s voice.
  • Tailored principles to satisfy the client and business needs
  • Tenured evaluation plan for random sampling
  • ImpAct dashboard for Daily/Weekly reports

Compliance Audit Process

  • Specifications designed to identify implementation gaps
  • ImpAct tool for easy auditing and reporting
  • Audit specific SLA and/or process adherence
  • Inbuilt alert mechanism tool from ImpAct to address compliance misses