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Telecom Expenses Management

Expenses Management

Manage all your technology costs in one place. Fund, track, and manage your business online from anywhere on any device. Managing the ever-increasing expense is a huge challenge for Industries and organizations today. Majority of spends fall in telecom and utilities. Today expense management is one of the key tools in every industry as it improves baseline growth, suppliers & customer relationships to compete in the global market. Expense management enables organizations to control, unify and comprehend their telecom, utilities, and travel inventories.

Telecom Expense Management:

Matching business essentials with TEM vendor capacity, qualities, and benefits are critical to success. Selecting the least price option without concern to proper solution alignment can ruin the TEM process and relationship. Find out what risks to avoid when choosing a TEM provider as well as what makes a good fit for your needs.

CQInfotech’s Telecom Expense Management process offers real-time inventory, invoice collection, and a set inspection process to the customers which helps in identification of any unfavorable services, bond infringement, and an elaborated area wise cost classification. We also negotiate directly with vendors to get the best bid based on statistics.

CQInfotech Services:

  • Management of Wireless, Wireline, Inventory, and Orders.
  • Invoice Processing, Inspection & Resumption
  • Evaluating & Cost Calculation
  • Bond Negotiations & RFPs

Benefits of Telecom Expense Management:

Financial Benefits:

  • Reducing direct costs
  • Mark any deceit/invoice errors/illegal charges

Operational Benefits:

  • Effective use of employee time
  • Simplified audit, asset management, expenditure tracking
  • Reporting and payment processes
  • Organizational level of Focus on core competencies

CQInfotech selects the best team to guide in relevant customization of tools needed to suit your business requirements. We have over 11 yrs. of extensive practice in offering TEM Services to our customers globally. So far, we delivered the best client-oriented service for industries like banking & financial, logistics, fast food, IT, etc.

What CQInfotech provides?

  • Standard Tools for operations, evaluation, and MIS
  • Balancing with industry set benchmark standards
  • Economy of Scale

Utility Expense Management:

Environmental dependencies had a great impact on annual utility expense of office buildings in the US. Utility expenses continue to rise with false charges and enterprising guidelines, and directives. Organizations operating from multiple locations often fail in effective cost management techniques and right decision making on best opportunities. Utilities have a hard time in expenditure operations and maintenance.

Our Utility Expense Management (UEM) tool helps in identifying billing discrepancies, effective measures planning to ensure an error-free bill going forward.

Utility expenses can be reduced through effective analysis and recommended cost-saving. With a customized approach to issues, tracking and comparison perceptions are offered across locations.

Utility Expense Management Services:

  • Bill Management (Payments and Receipt)
  • Billing Analysis
  • Tracking & Benchmarking

Benefits of Utility Expense Management Services:

  • Late fee savings
  • Cost control
  • Best opportunity identifications on cost savings