IT Security

Top 3 Reasons To Take Your Security Services Seriously

Security years ago, virtual or physical were a subject of interest and deployment by large enterprises and business. Those times have changed; today it’s on the priority list for every small startup, even if it’s a few individuals who may be part of the makeshift office. One research estimates that every second there are 3.5 attacks carried out over the Cybernet. As business globally continues to get digitally transformed, the rate of attacks will considerably skyrocket. Making it a constant battle for organizations big and small to reconsider, reevaluate and reinvest on securing their infrastructure.

What’s at stake if your environment is not protected against attackers you may ask? Well, in this article we will consider a few options that can help you see why you need to protect your business online.

1. Reputation at Stake
While your product or services add value to your customers, they also carry a significant amount of reputation built over trust and promise that customer relates too. While reputation is really a perception, most people agree that it takes enormous time and effort to build a good one over time. While an attack is publicly known, it dents a hard-earned reputation, portraying your organization as being inconsiderate to personal information of customers, or penny-pinching when it comes to security and compliance.

2. Monetary Damage
Most attackers are not satisfied by damaging your reputation alone; they go in for the cash register in some way or the other. Ransomware seems to be the in thing amongst cyber-attackers and bitcoins provide them the desired anonymity as trusted allies. From a .exe file over emails to Trojans that are lurking in the dark to aim at login credentials of business owners, these viruses are designed to dent your financials or pay a ransom to get your infrastructure to return to performing business as usual.

3. Clientele Beleaguered
While you may expend to get out of a critical situation, there is no guarantee that the attackers stay truthful to their part of the bargain. Your data is going to be in the hands of individuals who do not have morals fibers that are trustworthy. Think of the clientele data and personal information that could get out of hand and get misused or worse leaked out into a forum open to the public. Such a situation could not just cause nightmares to come true but would also bankrupt an entire organization.

While you may need to consider what security and measures best fit your organizational needs, there are some steps that you could take yourself to sensitize all teams on cybersecurity and good practices. Start out by organizing programs to promote the sense of security with strong passwords, not sharing passwords, creating a response plan on a cyber-attack, educating on suspicious emails and updating software to current versions.

You may also choose to employ or contract an external agency to evaluate and deploy software to help detect, protect and neutralize harm from attackers and their phony schemes. Ensuring that you better stay safe than sorry.