Cloud Computing

Top 5 Benefits of Using Cloud Computing For Modern Businesses

Cloud computing is everywhere today. We are using some or other form of cloud computing services every day. It is in the email services we use, the data we store in Google Drive or Dropbox, the invoicing software we use, or the images we store in Google Photos.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing refers to using network services hosted over the internet to store, manage, or retrieve data; or to utilize any custom service; rather than using a computer/ PC in our local network. We cannot imagine any small, medium or large enterprises running their everyday operations successfully without using cloud services.

The introduction of cloud services for the management of various crucial business functions has made it easier for modern business to function smoothly. Businesses are getting multi-dimensional benefits of cloud computing.

Some of the most important cloud computing benefits that modern businesses are enjoying are as follows:

1. Scalability – Using cloud computing, a business can scale itself without any worry. No need to invest in infrastructure updates, system or network components upgrades. The use of cloud computing reduces everyday worries at user’s end and complex scalability requirements can be fulfilled by simply upgrading the existing package with a few clicks.

2. Flexibility/ Mobility – One of the most important usages of cloud computing is in form of Software As a Service. Cloud-based data storage and use of SaaS application make most of the business functions flexible. A business with cloud computing integrated into their everyday functioning can have the flexibility of working from home, freedom of employing resources from all across the globe, etc. Companies like Automattic (the parent company of WordPress) and Buffer has proved that by effectively using cloud computing a successful corporation can run smoothly.

3. Reduced IT Infrastructure Cost – By use of cloud-based services, modern businesses can cut their IT infrastructure costs significantly. Rather than setting up everything in-house, businesses can subscribe for a cloud service provider and efficiently run their businesses.

Let’s take a very simple and practical example. One of the major cost-incurring thing for every business is to pay for software licenses. If a business has 10 workstations, they needed a licensed version of operating system, office suites, and other mandatory application software. In addition, they also needed a centralized data storage system. It used to be an expensive affair Workspace and they can have everything in a fraction of costs in comparison to setting up everything past. Today, any business can subscribe to Office 365, Google Apps for Business or Zoho.

4. Centralized Control – Though Data Security is among the biggest concerns while using shared cloud services. However, if a business invests in secure services like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform; the problem of data security is no longer a concern.

The actual benefit lies in centralized control over data. Using cloud computing provides full control and visibility over the data storage. One can configure different access levels for different data layers and assign roles accordingly to avoid mishaps, without compromising with the ease of doing business.

5. Disaster Management – Since cloud computing reduced dependency on local infrastructure, the chances of disasters caused by human or technical faults are minimal when a business uses cloud services. Even in case of failures at the local level, the data stored in the cloud is safe.

No matter if your business faced a natural disaster, severe power outage, or a virus or malware attack; your data is untouched of any harms. All reputed cloud service providers offer quick backup and restore option resulting in peace of mind at the end-user level.


Aforementioned benefits are only some of the many benefits a business can enjoy by integrating cloud services in their business. These benefits can be multiplied by choosing a partner for enabling the use of all possible cloud computing functions. If you are a business owner looking for ways cloud computing can help you scale and grow; think of hiring a cloud computing expert and see how you can enjoy all these benefits while smoothly running your business.